Top PS4 Games – Under 4.99

Cheap PS4 Games – just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it. And cheap is not a dirty word. Some of the best PS4 games, games that hit the highest highs, are now sitting in a digital bargain bin, a deep Scrooge McDuck style treasure trove that we fully recommend you go swimming in.

How to find PSN deals
Skim the online deal section on a site like and you’ll find the occasional top tier games that dip below the 9.99 mark, all worthy of a purchase and all full of value but today I want to find titles that cost the same as a junk food meal but leaves me feeling full.

PS4 Hidden Gems
This super low price is sometimes found in the annual mega deals for some cracking titles but they last a week and once you miss it it’s gone. Today’s gems should be under a fiver forever – not because they suck but because the price has been reduced permanently.

Doom 64

“There may be many shooters, but none so recognizable as Doom 64” Play it for nostalgia or jump in just for the fun of blasting the guts out of everything. The new Doom Eternal has us all fired up, why stop there.


I love this, even though it can be bastard hard. Easy to spot the neon Blade Runner inspired tone and easy to appreciate the cool artwork that the game brings to the table.

The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition

What a lovely game and what a brutal proposition. The less you know about this game going in, the better.


True addiction. When a team focuses on getting the gameplay itself to a perfect level you get games like Downwell. Play it once and they have you forever.

Jetpack Joyride

Familiar, simple, and always brilliant fun to play.

Three-Fourths Home: Extended Edition

This psychological deep dive will keep running within your own subconscious long after the credits roll.

One Night Stand

An interesting experiment in introspection and a thought-provoking few hours. A short game but a truly great one.

PS4 deals are always out there

Seven good games for under 5 bucks each isn’t bad. The shrewd gamer has always kept their collection topped up with tons of strong titles like this.

I’ll report on lots more of these finds once I’ve played them and can vouch for them, until then let me know if you find something not to be missed.

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