Best single player PC games

Everyone has an idea of the best single-player PC games – here are mine

With every new generation of console or constant inclination of ultra-powerful PC peripherals a new conversation begins – we start looking at what is getting left behind. 

With the growing might of ubiquitous multiplayer games like Fortnite, there is a consideration as to whether the single-player experience is slipping away.

Are developers still finding it profitable enough to produce a 20-30 comprehensive campaign? and more importantly, is the gaming world still asking for them? 

The invisible hand always steers the market towards the needs and wants of the consumer, and since the robust single-player is still being developed at the highest levels and success is still being found in these story-driven solitary experiences it looks like single-player games are not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Cheap Single Player PC Games

The good news is that these solo play experiences can fall in price faster than multiplayer games since they can often have a shorter shelf life. 

While a multiplayer game can keep you engaged with an ongoing suite fun replayable maps and game modes or terrifying player vs player domination challenges, a single-player game might struggle to engage a player after the credits roll. It hits the second-hand trade market faster and they get fewer sales. 

Not to worry, with our ability to make cheesy list articles we’ll help fill the gap – hence your top single-player PC games. I have focused on a mix of aggregated critic opinions and the general mojo of the PC crowd to hopefully get close to a valid opinion.

Death Stranding

Ushering in a brand new genre of its own, the first independently made title from game design veteran and inspirational figure Hideo Kojima is a breathtaking debut.

The Witcher 3

Now a global name, it wasn’t really until The Witcher 3 released that this series exploded.

Hollow Knight

It would be underselling it to say this is a hidden gem since Hollow Knight has garnered legions of fans but this one might have slipped through the cracks.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A dreary and dire moment of history sets the tone for this immersive and beautiful third person action thriller.

Resident Evil 7

This is my favorite Resident Evil game and it breathes new life into the inherent roots of the series.


trailer credit: gametrailers

Putting the subject of mental health into the center of a 2D platformer works out brilliantly it seems. Check out the trailer.

Bioshock Remaster

As old as it is, Bioshock is still outperforming a new generation of copycats. A deep rich political undertone and an underbelly of horror keep players coming back to this. It is truly unmissable.

Find more single player PC games for less cash

If your favorites are missing it maybe because I do like to look for the lower cost titles or at least titles that offer a bunch more value than you pay for leaving you with more game time for less money.

Find other low-cost games with high replay value in our recent article. Or find new ways to pay more for less cash with our money-saving buying guide.

It will be interesting to see how the medium fares in the future regarding the solo or the shared gaming experience. Technology speaks more of bringing people together and eliminating online infrastructure obstacles – and we want this, but this does not have to be at the behest of our beloved 1 player gaming experiences.

Vote with your wallet, if you keep buying them they will keep making them. Single-player DLC is also becoming a prevalent part of the post support offered to consumers so stretch your story even further and you’ll be voting for the merits of single-player in a way that gets listened to.


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