10 Top PS4 Games at 9.99!

The best PS4 games will live on, even as the baton is passed to PS5.

Amazing cheap PS4 games are plentiful, but so is the shovelware sat among it. It’s not hard to find god-awful games at the top tier price tag. It’s bastard hard to find really good ones for a great price. You have to go digging.

Here are some you may have missed. Use a top-up card to save 10%-20% on all PSN store orders. This is invaluable when you want to do some game shopping and feel kinda smart about doing so.

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This roguelite farming simulator from Bird Bath games is what you get if you take Stardew Valley and you flip it on its head. It’s not the greatest in its field but it’s bursting with energy and I had fun with it. Nothing better on a dull day than guns and exploding plant life and it’s pretty cheap. 

I’ve enjoyed pick up and play, top-down, bullet-hell genre games like this before in Enter the Gungeon, fans of that style will get more out of this.

The Last of Us: Left Behind

This is a masterpiece all on its own although I would still recommend you play the preceding game to get the full take on the story. Although technically a DLC, there is still enough content here to justify its accolades, and it’s a fantastic lead into The last of Us part II.

Blacksea Odyssey

You might not have heard of it before but this is a shoot-em-up RPG that packs a punch – and leaves a bruise. The price tag makes this a snatch, especially for all the content that it comes with.


This is a fast-paced 2d action shooter with a thirst for gore. Heavy gun love is demanded here. It’s also pretty tough so you’ll get good value with your playtime.

Escape Plan 

A mind-boggling puzzler from Sony will keep the brain ticking along with a seemingly endless supply of noodle scratchers. The black and white aesthetic only accentuates the isolation and hopelessness. Especially when I’m playing.

Donut County

The comedy value is enough to justify the tiny cost here. Be creative and between laughs you’ll find your way through some rather ingenious puzzles. You’ll have to think outside of the box… or hole, whichever suits.

Cat Quest

What can I say, cats own youtube and now they have come for your console. Give in and you’ll find an open-world RPG to satisfy those of the Zelda and Mario kind. A retro game cube kind of feel gives it an extra kick. One for the whole family I think.


The online features are no longer usable here but the single-player campaign is still worth the cost. A killer staple in the puzzle game genre with some hot seventies spy flic flare to cap it off.

Alone With You

An adventure game with a heart – this one is for Sunday mornings when you need something quaint and calming. The story is a valiant subtle tale that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Also has a pleasant soundtrack.

Little Red Lie

The less you know about this interactive story-driven game going into it – the better. Very little is asked of the player here, just sit back and experience it. I’ll leave the rest to you.

There are so many more awesome fish to catch in the low-cost bracket. If you’ve made a cool saving on a title that you think deserves more praise than it gets lets us know below.

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