Is this a puzzle game or horror experience?

I suppose I should start with arbitrary details like Little nightmares was developed by Tarsier studios in 2017, its a puzzle platformer within a nondescript setting and blah blah blah, but I won’t.

Little Nightmares

Let’s get to the good stuff. I played this game through and it was kinda okay. I then played it under different circumstances and I found it to be masterful.

The first time – Although this game was impressive in its minimalistic external approach and at the same time audacious, even sometimes shocking in parts, in was just a puzzle game.

This was all accentuated one night when I played it after midnight. In solitary, in silence, in darkness and on an OLED screen.

References to movies started jumping out at me, classics like Dark Water was there in the background and the hollow quiet of Japanese cinema and ghostly spiritual narratives started to seep in.

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Little Nightmares – Horror in Darkness

Now we already know there’s a sequel to this game on the way, fans have been speculating as to what it’s about and I have no good theories of my own so I won’t even try.

Back to the first game – The story itself is rather an enigma and one of the games most difficult puzzles. If you genuinely believe you have the correct answers, please let us all know in the comments.

In my pitch black OLED experience, this was the first game to surround my player in true black surroundings.

Little Nightmares – Always being watched?

The edges of my screen disappeared into the natural darkness of the room and I was in control of what now felt like the smallest and most fragile thing in the entire world.

Now an OLED tv isn’t mandatory, you could probably muster the same blackout effect from tweaking the setting of almost any TV.

Or when the game asks you at the start of the game how dark you want it, don’t be afraid to set to the lowest playable level whilst making sure you can still see whats going on.

When I played the game like this, the edge of every walkway seemed much deeper. Even the audio joined in to break down a few more layers of reality.

From the course creeking sounds of coils and cogs to slow drips from above, all part of the brusk bitter interworkings of this abandoned place. To notice this, it seems I only had to stop and listen.

Even the slug style enemies are jet black giving weight to a bottom less feeling. Much like Japanese horror that uses black to great effect, it’s here that the game comes alive.

The immediate ambiguity of your characters obscured facial features and striking yellow raincoat all now seemed to sync perfectly. (Japanese horror references)

Little Nightmares – Strange exposure

This wasn’t a serine experience anymore, it was a haunting. And I was loving it.

I’m now interested in the DLC that came out for this game. And i’ll play it in the slow, intentional way I’ve been playing this.

I think it takes this game from mediocre to wholly interesting and worthy of a good recommendation. It can be a horror game but only if you push it.

Break the gremlin rules, play it with no light, play it after midnight and get it wet, the last one is meaningless.

This episode was really fun to make since horror is my favourite genre. Follow me or more!

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