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Here I give away some of the tips I use to get free stuff on all platforms, go back to free dlc that some might have missed and also talk about some of the select free to play games that don’t seem to annoy me that much. Check out the gameplay and overview in this short vid:

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Although a new generation of tech is landing with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the world of free games isn’t going to change. Here is what I go through in the video;

Hyper Scape (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

Set in a virtual city called Neo Arcadia, Hyper Scape is the free to play #battleroyale game from Ubisoft that attempts to claim a fresh stake in a somewhat crowded genre.

There is much potential here but in my opinion the game still has a way to go. Long load times, lack of players and a generic overcoat keep this from being the hit it perhaps should be, but it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

The movement feels good out the gate and the hack upgrades work well in practice although I do think some of them need tweaking. 

Imagine the frustration of having an enemy player vanish into thin air in the middle of a gunfight, maybe that’s just me whining since it happened to me in one of my first games but I still feel that one kinda sucks.

Of course being a money saver I had to look at the microtransactions and here we get the standard battle pass system and marketplace that we have seen in many games before. 

The marketplace is filled with typical cosmetics and there’s a premium level battle pass for approximately 10 pounds or dollars.

I will keep popping back on this one to see how steep the microtransactions get but for now it seems to be doing things at a similar cost to most battle royale shooters.

Brawlhalla (PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox, Switch, Android, iOS)

I’m currently playing this on PS4 Pro, no word on whether this will be on PS5 just yet but it’s highly likely. This game should not be free for starters since it has local and online play which is awesome. 

When you want to jump online there’s a bunch of different modes which you can customise.

The moves are completely simple on the surface and not too convoluted so there’s really strong accessibility for anyone who wants a casual fight. Peel back the surface level and you’ll find a ton of complexity in movement and advanced tactics.

It’s just a really enjoyable way to jump in and play something quickly. Especially if you’re a fan of Smash Bros as this is clearly where this game has its roots.

The popularity of this game is felt from its cramped lobbies and millions of casual players all the way up its esports and annual world championship competitions.

Sounds strange to say it but I think people who don’t enjoy fighting games might still like this as it is not taking things too seriously, it’s mainly about the fun.

DAUNTLESS (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch)

The childlike fantasy setting of Dauntless almost put me off straight away to be honest, but then it started to wake up the monster hunter addict in me and I really got into it. 

Again I discovered this on PS4 but i’m sure it will come over to next gen systems, PS5 etc. 

Its less hardcore than monster hunter and there are less systems to learn but the journey of aquirement across this massive new world was similarly intriguing and equally as rewarding, especially taking down the larger and more fearsome beasties. 

They do want you to play this game socially but you don’t have to and loot boxes have been completely removed from this game entirely which is always good news for subscribers to this channel.

The microtransactions that they do have are mostly non offensive across the board so it stays in my library of good free games.

Warframe (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch)

It was one of the first free to play games on PS4 in 2013 and will also be on PS5 as the developers Digital Extremes have confirmed. 

The sweet deal here is that although you can buy the full suite of regular microtransactions and in game purchases, you also have the option to grind and earn some of the same precious trappings through gameplay. Lots, and lots, and lots of gameplay. 

Since the game launched it has garnered several industry accolades like the People’s voice and Golden Joystick awards and it has amassed around 50 million players so it’s definitely no slouch, it even made it into my little video today which I’m certain is what they’ll be talking about the most.

Free to play games that don’t annoy me

We never used to get many free games. Money for games when I was a kid came from saving up my lunch money. I was always starving. 

Also trying to avoid Ian Franko who would steal them out of my bag, so shout out to him as he’s clearly a money saver.

Now all of those games don’t require any prerequisite subscriptions like PS+ or Gamepass or any upfront payment but as many of you know, most free to play games are monetized with microtransactions and various in game offerings that cost you money.

Always go into games like these with your eyes open since it can be very easy for a game you love to nickel and dime you for tiny amounts which add up to large amounts. 

If you follow this site or my youtube channel you know it’s the tiny amounts that count so just be aware.

Free DLC you might have missed

DLC has become a major asset for developers and publishers of video games, so you can pretty much guarantee its inclusion for many AAA titles that sell really well.

Even Ghosts of Tshushima has an upcoming multiplayer DLC component that is offered free of charge. And that’s a surprise since this, and many other Sucker Punch developed properties have had a single player only focus.

When the credits roll on a game my brian usually checks out and I never want to play it again, in fact I’m usually still annoyed hours after about the bombastic flogging I got from the last boss of the game.

So it’s too difficult to get me to carry on playing when I want to stop, but make it free and high quality and you’ve got my attention again, at least in a tentative way.

That’s why I wanted to include a section here on the free dlc that I have enjoyed. You might have heard of the main game already but you might have missed its perfect add on offerings, so here we go. 

We’ll start with a game that everyone in the world knows about;

The Witcher 3 (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch)

Now I really don’t need to sell The Witcher 3 to anyone. It’s a dense sprawling ubiquitous monster of a game that’s already earned its status as one of the finest rpgs ever made. 

Did you also know about the free DLC that has been released since launch. Not the fantastic Hearts of Stone or the second pack called Blood and Wine, but the smaller supplemental missions that they snuck in there when you weren’t looking.

There is a contract quest in Skellige island called Missing Miners on a noticeboard in a town called Blandare. 

It’s a cool mission that wasn’t there at launch so it’s worth going after if the 3 or 4 hundred hours of normal gameplay wasn’t enough for you.

There are tons of new crossbow sets and armour get ups that have been added as well. Also a free new quest called fool’s gold that you can find in Velen if you keep heading east. 

Lastly if you go south of the main Skellige island and start poking your nose around you come to a port town named Fyresdal, i’m probably not pronouncing that right, you can find a free new Contract called Skellige’s Most Wanted. 

This is perhaps the coolest of all the free stuff as there’s plenty of killing to do for that contract. 

This did pull me back into the witcher for a while when I heard about it and there was some good pay off since you’re never quite done with the witcher, what with new game plus and god knows whatever else they’ve added to this already life swallowing video game.

Shovel Knight (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch)

This game was picking up gongs right from the off. A nostalgic blast from the past that hit the right notes and made a big noise when it was released back in 2014.

Available on pretty much every platform, the celebrated 2D platformer certainly didn’t take the money and run. Original owners of this game can go back to find a treasure trove of free new updates.

This includes new campaigns, new characters and even a new multiplayer mode. 

If you’re wondering why we haven’t had a Shovel Knight 2 yet, this may have been the reason. All of this extra content was born from some of the Kickstarter goals that Yacht Club Games offered to get this game made.

So take advantage as all copies of the game now encompass the complete Treasure Trove edition. 

If you played it early on, go and take another look at your digital copy or put your disc back in since you probably have a bunch of shiny new content waiting for you to play.

Rainbow six siege (PS4, Xbox, PC)

Your rainbow six siege PS4 or Xbox one disc works with next generation consoles much to the delight of fans.

Although going through a tumultuous initial release, the progression of this game has been transformative, with a thriving community that has managed to keep this beast alive.

For the future, the creators have mentioned building a reputation system to better expose unsavory and nasty players umoungs its player base which are the sorts of things that are good to hear. 

I haven’t played too much of this game lately but I know the people who love it will stomach jab you if you even look at the game in the wrong way. 

Join in cautiously, therefore, and see if you like it.

Overcooked 2 (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch)

I think the overcooked series is, just fantastic, when played co-op. 

They seemed to have found the perfect way to fuse a low learning curve with feeling like you’re doing something tricky, like throwing together a plate of fried fish and chips while falling to the ground in an air balloon.

Newer free dlc updates like ‘Sun’s Out, Buns Out’ offer new levels, new chefs, new destinations, challenges and characters, expanding an already generous offering of fun gameplay and co-op mishaps.

Everytime I put this game down, when I pop back there are a bunch of new things to do and apparently there’s even more free content to come down the line so if this is your thing then keep checking in to it.

Blasphemous: Stir of Dawn (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch)

If you finished the main campaign of Blasphemous, first off congrats because it’s tough as hell, but don’t relax just yet as the game isn’t done with you. 

A new free dlc was released in August and apparently it’s just as freaking awesome as the game itself. Bringing a new storyline, new items, new moves or executions as they’re called here and a host of new gameplay updates.

It’s just as difficult so there’s some longevity to be claimed there since games like these have me playing for a while until I ultimately give up, but those of you who love the hardcore challenge and are looking for more, this one has you covered.

Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant (PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch)

I love good art direction in games, especially when the same level of attention and innovation is given to things like enemy diversity, character customisation and of course all those sparkly sparkly weapons.

Many new updates have been made to the game since launch including a Rise of the Giant DLC.

No need to check the trailer first, just go play this one. One of the only complaints I had when I first played dead cells was that it was slightly repetitive, they’ve listened to players and now it’s a much larger and more versatile roguelike action game.

Let’s wrap up the free DLC talk. If you’re interested in any of those you will have to pay for the main games of course so check out my videos on finding the best discounts on those purchases. 

Looking to buy a PS5? check out some of the low cost gems coming up for that system in this video

Finding free games

Ok so, free stuff on psn for example, if you type episode 1, into the search bar of most digital storefronts you’ll find a nice selection of free offerings, things like;

Life is Strange Episode 1: An adventure game where you play an 18 year old photography student dealing with the rollercoaster of life alongside her anomalous ability to reposition time. I won’t say anymore.

You also have Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1, again a free episode but this time you play as bruce wayne, the dark knight against villains like the riddler. 

The Council also has a free episode and although this one isn’t the strongest of titles it tries to do different things like offer the player customisation, character upgrades and major story changes based on your input.

There’s also The Walking Dead: A new frontier Episode 1, We’re not quite hitting the highs of the first series here but this is a new walking dead adventure with a free episode and best of all is we got clementine back. Also if you have saves from the first 2 seasons they will carry over into this so that’s cool.

There’s also Resident Evil Revelations 2 episode 1 That’s right there is an episodic Resident Evil game and the first episode is free.

Take a look, I know there are already zillions of fans of this franchise so even though this isn’t the best entry in the series you do get to play as clare redfield and you do get to find out what on earth happened in the space between Resident evil 5 and Resident evil 6, a question we have all wondered many many, many times.

You can also search for Chapter 1 as sometimes you get free games there as well like King’s Quest – Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember. A game which I’ve not played yet so go check it out and let us all know if we should get on it.

These episodic games were all free when I last checked so go and claim them before they change their minds. All of these games will of course be truncated, only the first one is free, an obvious lure to get you hooked so you’ll return for more episodes.

Sites I follow like can also give you quite an accurate way to discover free games on the store using the filters that they have and can also be used to decipher which version of the store is currently providing the best deal. 

These results may differ of course between regions and countries, searching for the best price and buying from different countries is something I’m going to be covering in an upcoming video.

If you’re in a searching mood by the way – try doing a regular search for ‘buddy pass’ or ‘friend pass’ on google to find the latest games to include this offer. 

Just to explain what that is to people who might not have heard about it – Games like ‘A Way Out’ where the experience is designed to be played with someone online, will allow a friend to join even if they don’t own the game.

The joining person needs to be signed up to PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass to play multiplayer if on console but this is a nice way to split costs or if you’re the one joining, play games for free! Other games that have offered Friend Pass include Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Man of Medan and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Let’s see the only other thing I can think of for you money savers are free demos, we all remember those. I used to get them glued to the front page of my copy of Total Magazine when I was a kid and I would treasure them dearly. 

Demos are still coming out today although we never seem to care that much. 

Maybe because we’re holding out to play the complete game or, maybe we’re so adverse to playing something that free is still far too expensive a price. 

Demos can dampen an already lukewarm audience and put them off completely or it can fuel an entire excitement hype train if it’s done really well. 

Earlier we spoke about the Resident Evil franchise, capcom has been doing this to great effect with its recent revival and rebirth of its kingship horror franchise. The Resident Evil 7 demo was kept secret right up until its reveal within, in my opinion, the best E3 presentation of all time – Sony 2016.

Some demos achieve massive success AND disappointment at the same time, like P.T., which was so good and so well received that Konami decided to cease the day, grab the bull by the horns and remove it completely and cancel the game.

It’s hit and miss, but anyway keep an eye on the free demos section as there are always demos, there’s just never much excitement around them.

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