Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition costs 2.39 right now

The brilliant first game in the series is available at a ridiculously low price on the PlayStation store – so if you haven’t jumped on board yet it’s time to snap it up.

This includes all the DLC, extra cosmetics and all the sublime love and care that has been added to it since launch.

There is even online multiplayer although this is not the game’s ultimate strength and the player is likely to be very limited now.

The sales will start ramping up as we head into the spending season and the games are leading the way. I remember playing this action thriller for the first time and feeling relieved that they had brought Lara over to the right side of modernity and given us a grass roots origin tale that does not shy away from brutality.

It’s perhaps the darkest of all the Croft games, and it does its storytelling through tough surviving based challenges, stellar voice acting and of course clever tomb raiding and puzzle solving.

The price is fantastic. If you miss this sale, place this game in your wish list as this game regularly gets huge discounts like this.

It’s a fabulous start to the new Tomb Raider trilogy although its last installment left fans slightly jaded. In my opinion this is the best of the series and I’m including the old titles.

Critically acclaimed and gameplay gold, go and buy this now. It’s on the PS store.


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