107 Ways to save money on games

Where do gamers find those intangible video game discount codes? And how can you download unimpaired high-quality free games?

Can you still afford the latest PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or PC games and justify the cost of that new console or PC peripheral?

The answer is yes but – only if you’re savvy. As the video games industry continues to outgrow movies, music, and TV, the pricing of games will continue to rise. 

If you’re shrewd, and you’re adept at spotting the best deals and offers, you can easily avoid the more conspicuous pitfalls, even across prolific consoles like PS5 & Xbox Series X.

After some scouring, I’ve pulled out my most viable, legitimate, and even sensibly clandestine ways to keep gaming when you’re feeling the pinch and I think I found the ones worth your time.


Will I miss any? of course I will, let me know about them in the comments and please share this article with anyone you think might find it useful.


1. Find the best game rental subscription service

I used to work for blockbusters online rent-by-post service. Once you’re out of the free trial period they would lower your internal priority – which meant slower postage and fewer premium titles. So if you think you’re being screwed over, you are.

Record those delivery times and complain or switch services. 

Once you find a good one, playing through then posting back your games quickly to receive the next can save you money.

Different locations mean there will be different levels of service for everyone. See the examples of the largest (which doesn’t mean best for you) below. Put some to the test for free and see who still performs once the honeymoon period is over.

I’ll be doing a follow-up article on this subject to look into each company in depth.

  • GameFly.com (US only) 
  • Boomerangrentals.co.uk (biggest UK library)
  • Paramountgamesrental.co.uk (rent consoles and games)
  • Iplayrentals.com (UK)

2. Use discounted wallet top-up cards

As the gaming world begins to lean more into digital purchases, these wallet top-up cards/points/vouchers are becoming an essential prerequisite.

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc. offer you various methods for topping up your digital account directly with things like pay-by-mobile, PayPal, or credit cards, I don’t think you should use any of those.

Those methods don’t come with any discounts. The highest and most consistent discount rates i’ve found online always come from; 

  • cdkeys.com (worldwide) example. 19% discount – $50 PSN cards costing $40.49)
  • shopto.net (UK) example. 15.8% discount – £45 PSN cards costing £37.85

After making a purchase, a digital code is sent to you and you simply apply that to your account. Combine this with a current sale on your chosen store and you’ve given yourself two discounts.

Limits are placed on most accounts, example – PSN can only be topped up to £150

There does seem to be a disparity in discount rates between countries so search around if you’re not finding high percentages in discounted rates. Websites like electronicfirst.com are also a strong alternative.

If you want to take it a step further you can also get cashback from places like quidco when buying from most of these retailers. 

I would advise you to do your due diligence when it comes to the grey market. Sites like G2A.com, kinguin.com, eneba.com or gamivo.com where people sell codes to each other, you do need to do your research beforehand.

If you’re buying from an unknown seller in a marketplace you should check out their feedback first and use the customer protection program that the retailers usually offer. 

You don’t want to end up buying a code that doesn’t work or have it disabled later on because it was sold fraudulently.

3. Free first episodes

If you type ‘episode 1’ into the search engines of most digital game stores you will notice that lots of the top titles shown are free, examples below. The reason is obvious. Once you’re hooked on your fav episodic series your ass is theirs for a whole season.

  • Life is Strange Episode 1
  • Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1
  • The Council: Episode 1
  • The Walking Dead: A new frontier Episode 1
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2

4. Free gaming with Friend Pass

Games like ‘A Way Out’ where the experience is designed to be played with someone online, will allow a friend to join even if they don’t own the game.

The joining person needs to be signed up to PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass to play multiplayer if on console but this is a nice way to split costs or if you’re the one joining, play games for free! Other games that have offered Friend Pass include;

  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • Man of Medan
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Do a regular search for ‘buddy pass’ or ‘friend pass’ online to find the latest games to include this offer.

5. Check the game length vs cost ratio

Sites like howlongtobeat.com can give you an idea of how long a game will take you to complete.

It can even suggest how long it will take to get all of the extra achievements.

Take a look at how many hours of game time there is before buying. It will help you determine the true value.

6. Free demos are still a thing

No really. They are. We’re well passed the addition of discs sellotaped to the front of magazines and it happens with Japanese games more than games from the west, but they are still getting published by developers to rally interest and encourage discourse. 

Did you know the below are all ready to be played for free on PS, Xbox, Nintendo digital stores right now?

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Devil May Cry V
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • The Walking Dead
  • Wipeout Omega

7. Find low-cost games with high review scores

Get regular low-cost game picks and money-saving strategies by subscribing to my youtube channel
(u didn’t think I’d leave this one out?)

Be sure to stop by as I have many more videos in the works. Thank you so much!

8. Avoid digital pre-orders (well, most of them)

Shrewd gamers are a little weary of pre-orders. To rationalise it you need to think of how likely you are to use that pre-order bonus gun or what you’d do if the game scores 5s with every critic. Still confident?

If you must pre-order, get a physical copy. Least then you can sell it if you don’t like it.

9. Cheaper in-game currency

Sounds strange but the best place to buy in-game currency is rarely in-game. 

Check places like eneba.com to see if those apex credits or FIFA points of yours can be purchased at a cheaper rate.

10. Free to play games with real value

Free to play games do have a habit of being not so free to play. Constant ads or predatory microtransactions can stifle good creative work. These are the games I’ve found to focus on gameplay before a payday.

  • Dragalia Lost
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (the story)
  • Counter-Strike: GO
  • Dauntless

11. Free updates and DLC worth playing

It’s rare for developers to give things away or offer their high-quality DLC for free but sometimes they go a little nuts. 

The below games have had transformative free updates and free DLC offerings but there’s way more to find out there. These are just tasters.

  • No Man’s Sky
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Steep
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Shovel Knight
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Overwatch

12. Amazon Prime Day Twitch extra special offer

Back in 2018, Twitch offered 21 free games for Prime Day, there was also 50% off the entire Twitch store. https://www.amazon.com/primeinsider/tips/prime-day-twitch.html

Will they do it again this/next year? If it does I’ll update you on here on gamersavings.com

13. Use online wish lists

These are your friends. Most digital stores have them. Once you have created a profile, add everything you’ve ever wanted to your wishlist, then sit and wait for each of them to be on sale before buying.

14. Kickstarter rewards

Lend your ‘support’ (money) to a project you believe in and you will often be assured a reward based on the level of backing you have offered. 

Rewards range from a free copy of the game with your name in the credits all the way up to designing your own character to feature in the game itself. 

There are many success stories but also a slew of failures. Be aware that you are not investing and you will never make any returns or money back whether it is a success or not.

15. Twitch subscriber free game access?

Valorant garnered a lot of attention when it was first released, access to the game itself was restricted and top streamers could offer access to subscribers that were watching.

I don’t know if this method is going to become more common but it’s worth earmarking your favorite streamers and locking down your spot.

16. Live behind release dates

I live around 6 months behind release dates so when I go to purchase a game or a console many of the bugs have been patched out and the big discounts have begun.

You’ll be left out of the brand new game conversation but you won’t notice, what with all your cheap games an all.

17. Seek out penny arcades & retro game cafes

Spend an afternoon in the 90s and sit amongst your people. These are not as prominent in some countries and regions but if you can find them it’s worth tagging on your google map.

18. Get a Raspberry Pie

Retro game fans know all about these. A low maintenance mini computer that can hold thousands of Roms and plug directly into the gaming monitor or TV of your choice.

I’ll be delving into this way more in an upcoming article so stay tuned.

19. Twitch Prime free games (UK only?)

Worth using the free trial if you’re a fan of watching the big gaming personalities play. Every month subscribers get free games, in-game loot, and a free subscription on Twitch.tv. 

The free trial is 30 days – you also get everything that comes with Amazon Prime. Cancel anytime.

20. The single purchase rule

Unless it’s a bundle you should never buy more than one game at a time. One leads to another in such an easy way. 

The technique of upsell has been mastered by every platform, by simply imposing this rule on yourself you’ll know it never works on you.

21. Tucked away bundles and collections

Typically without promotion and in their own mini category, the jewels of the online digital stores can be the franchise/studio bundles that are put together in one unit. 

Find them by searching the word ‘collection’ or ‘pack’ as it is often used in the titles. See the examples below. These are also often heavily discounted so you’re saving even more.

  • Batman: Arkham Collection (3 games)
  • Assassins Creed Triple pack (3 games)
  • Mega Man X Legacy Collection (8 games)
  • Borderlands Legendary Collection (3 games)
  • Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 4 (3 games)

22. Free weekends

High profile games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare will often try to get you in on the action by advertising free weekends of play.

The steam news hub is often a good place to get tipped off.

23. Free game codes from publishers – Twitter

These are rare. Follow your favorite devs on their social media feeds as sometimes they get generous and throw out free codes to download games.

In early 2020 tens of codes were tweeted out for free copies of the hugely popular Star Wars Jedi Fallen order. This was an effort to keep people at home during the pandemic.

24. Wait for the Christmas subscription discounts

Retention is the true goal for Sony, Microsoft and Ninendo at Xmas time. And it’s a business acquisition that pays off tenfold.

They don’t just want to sell you a game, they want you to sign up for another year’s worth of your online subscriptions service so they can hold your attention for another long period.

This presents itself as 25% off a PS+ or Gamepass subscription around December time. Take advantage.

25. Keep your ear to the ground

Sites like cheapassgamer.com and reddit have threads that keep people nattering away all day long about the deals/offers/bargains they have found. Sit back and take notes or join in.

26. Don’t use EA Access unless it has value you can use

This is only viable if you are going to use every one of the following perks. Many gamers only play sports games so the value for them would be great. It costs £3.99/$4.99 for 1 Month, £19.99/$29.99 for 12 Months.

  • Try new EA games days before launch
  • Save 10% on EA digital purchases (some, not all)
  • Access to a small selection of EA games

27. Make your own games

Garry’s Mod on PC and Dreams on PS4 are the types of games that put the tools in your hands and let you build the games yourself.

So if you have talent and want a lifetime of games created by your own hand, this might peak your interest.


28. Steams world-famous seasonal sales

Valve owned store Steam is the go-to place for huge sales regularly themed around summer or Halloween etc but it doesn’t stop there. 

The ongoing deals are what keep people coming back. Daily deals and weekly discounts just keep coming allowing you to build a healthy library without much cash.

29. Humble bundles

Usually time-limited and only PC titles (shut me up in the comments if I’m wrong about that) this is a great resource to keep an eye on. 

Best of all is you can sometimes pay what you want for a bundle of pretty good games, with portions of the money going to good causes and charities. 

30. Epic Store free games?

Oh yes, my friend, you really can claim a free game every week here, and it is yours to keep forever. No shovelware either, these are mostly good games that you should be claiming even if you don’t have a PC… yet.

Head to the Epic store and check out the games for yourself. I’m struggling to see what anyone has to lose here besides needing to hand over an e-mail address.

31. Steam free game giveaways

Although you won’t get these happening every week, Steam does offer free games to own forever. 

Maybe the developer wants to garner interest or just get their game into the conversation, either way you should capitalize. 

They are usually only free for 24 hours so you have to be snappy.

32. GOG free games

Again, the free game offerings need to be claimed within 2 days but they are then yours to keep forever. 

33. Humble Bundle free games

Word really is getting around about Humble Bundle and the amazing savings they are offering. Free games are offered all the time – claim within 48hrs.

34. Uplay.com free games

Although Ubisoft has always been more of a proprietary beast, asking you to sign up/download/login to their systems at every opportunity, there is some light at the end of the tunnel here.

Uplay does (sometimes) offer completely FREE PC games.

You may only get up to a week to claim your games but again they will be free for life. This is a way for Ubisoft to join the foray of free games being offered online to PC players. You might as well join in.

35. Origin.com free games

Lots of free game offers and this time there is no limit. When free games are offered here you usually have forever to claim them so keep checking back and keep claiming. Please correct me in the comments if this changes.

36. blog.gamesessions.com free games

Here you will typically have 1 month to claim your free game and a requirement to play the game for at least 5mins first (not too much to ask)

37. Fanatical.com free games

In this year’s summer sale, they gave away a free bonus game if you spent over £10, hopefully, it’s an annual thing. One to watch. 

38. Use PC deal aggregates 

Not easy to find the ones that exist outside of the grey market but there are some that stay above board.

  • cheapshark.com
  • isthereanydeal.com

39. PC Early access

The game may not be in its final polished state and can often have limited functions but if you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor and trying out a game before release you can often do this within the PC community. These will usually be below the RRP cost.

40. Voidu.com

I’m hearing good things about this store although they only sell PC games. There is always a sale every week. Take a look.

41. Purchasing outside of your region 

UPDATE: The Steam store has made significant changes to inhibit the use of VPNs and location masking to change your region and get cheaper deals. 

I’ll be doing a follow-up article as soon as there are more tangible insights into the future of this.

42. (Rumour) Location switching

Ok now I heard about this on the low so if it’s false please leave a comment – it applies to all UWP exclusive games. 

Apparently if you’re located in Europe you can get new games 50% off on the Microsoft Store by changing your region to Egypt in Windows settings. 

I haven’t verified this one myself so please update me if this has worked for you.

43. Future esport participation?

If you’re a god at gaming then esports might be your calling. The biggest games are often free so no excuse for missing the training sessions.

  • Valorant
  • League of legends
  • Dota 2
  • Apex Legends
  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty

44. Utilise your Steam refund policy

Hate the game you just bought? As long as it hasn’t been played for more than 2 hours and it’s been less than 2 weeks from purchase date you can submit a refund request. Don’t abuse this as they are vigilant to a fault.

45. Emulators and Roms

Emulators are perfectly legal, since they are software trying to emulate the capabilities of an operating system. It’s the ROMs that make things tricky.

Sites that offer classic and retro roms can be found everywhere online and in most cases downloaded for free. But you are only covered by the Fair Use defense argument if you already own a copy of the game. 

Enough said.


46. Nintendo Switch Online free trial

In my eyes, Nintendo is still struggling to make this a compelling subscription proposition. That said, it is pretty cheap!

The online service currently offers a mix of 36 NES and SNES games, cloud-based saves, exclusive products and discounts, and online play. 

If you have a switch, try out the 7-day free trial to see if it fits you.

47. Nintendo Switch Online Membership value

If its value you want (and you should) stick with the 12-month offer as you save 57%

  • Nintendo Switch Online 1 Month = £3.49 / €3.99 / $3.99
  • Nintendo Switch Online 3 Months = £6.99 / €7.99 / $7.99
  • Nintendo Switch Online 12 Months = £17.99 / €19.99 / $19.99

48. Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership

Up to 8 accounts from one household, all for the one price, offering the best value of all, although only necessary if you’re really going to use them.

  • Nintendo Switch Online Family 12 Months = £31.49 / €34.99 / $34.99

49. Hack your NES mini

Nintendo went easy on gating these, allowing users to break open the operating system and upload as many of their own games as they want.

I’m going to test this myself soon so i’ll have the ultimate guide up on this site once complete.

50. Hack your SNES mini

This has the same open accessibility as the NES mini. Guide available on gamersaving.com soon.


51. PlayStation account ”sharing”

Sony is never going to endorse, support, or guarantee your experience here, online or offline, but there has been so little action taken in terms of prohibiting game sharing that it was hard not to include it in this list.

I don’t do it and nor should you if you only want the optimal secure superlative PlayStation experience.

It is on par with giving your buddy your Netflix login. Activate your PSN account on another console and they should get access to your entire games library. 

WARNING – Only ever do this with family or 100% trusted friends as security and credit card info can be accessed. Never purchase or share an account, PSN or otherwise, with someone you don’t know.

52. Purchase outside of your region (PS4)

Soon I’ll put up a full in-depth analysis of how to do this properly, I also want to establish the effects this has if you upgrade through generations. Check back soon.

In the meantime Klair88 Gaming has a very good method for this from the UK to US;

53. PlayStation Plus subscription discount calendar

Trying to find the patterns here can be tricky but we can pick out the obvious ones. Keep checking back for updates on this.

  • Black Friday – Last year this PS+ was at 15% off
  • Xmas – Annual subs will typically get a 25% discount in the Xmas season.

54. Jailbreak your PS3/PS4/PS5? (sounds fun)

Don’t be silly – your console IP will be quickly banned and connectivity restricted. Stay away from this.

55. Sony Rewards (US only)

It’s a shame that this incentive scheme is only available in the US but if you already spend here then this is a no brainer. The perks include;

  • 1 Point for every $1 spent
  • Completing gaming challenges for points and prizes
  • Use other subscriptions like PS now and PS plus to triple the points earned

56. Buy from a state store in the US with no extra sales tax

Many states in the US will add on an extra tax when buying on PSN but since you can add whichever address you want there should be no problem setting up a profile with an address in a state that doesn’t add sales tax – like Washington. 

Happy to be corrected on this in the comments if this is no longer the case?

57. PlayStation Plus: the value?

So how much value is there in Sony’s proprietary premium PS+ service?

  • 2-3 top to mid-range games every month
  • Exclusive discounts on select games
  • 100gb of Cloud storage for saves
  • Online multiplayer access (not needed for free to play stuff)
  • Also, occasional add ons, themes, and tat, but these are not worth your attention

The biggest deals here come in the last quarter of every year at around 25% off.

I don’t use this myself since I want to be in control of the games I purchase but if you are a more passive player you will get your money’s worth by the end of every year.

58. Claim PlayStation Plus games even if you don’t play them

PlayStation Plus subscribers each get a library, a selection of games that they have opted to add so they can have full access to it whilst subscribed to the service.

New games are offered every month – you only get these games if you have manually clicked ‘add to library’ So even if you don’t want the game just click the button. 

Your library will grow and you have a free trove of back up games if you’re ever in need.

59. PlayStation Plus triple discounts

If you’re shopping on the PSN store, finding a price drop on a game is one thing, but if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription you can often find another exclusive PS+ discount on top of that. 

Re-up your wallet with a prepaid discount card and you have slashed the price 3 times.

60. Free PSN gift cards with Swagbucks (US only)

I’ve only just caught on to this so I’m not able to advocate its efficacy but it seems you can get $10 of free PSN codes after earning 1000 sb points on swagbucks.com 

These are earned by completing various site tasks like completing surveys, playing games, or watching videos.

61. PlayStation Now free trial and discounts

An offering of over 800 games makes this streaming service great value if you’re actually going to play them and your internet connection is up to the task. 

40% of the selection are great games which is a good thing. A 7-day free trial will show you the ropes if you’re not sure.

You can often find discounts on the cost of PS now if you search for Subscriptions or Wallet Top-Ups in most online stores.

62. Free top-up credit messages from Sony

These usually take the form of a friend message to your console enclosing a free £10 credit on the store. 

The formula for getting one seems random but it’s likely these go out to people who fit certain criteria. Maybe you’re not spending on PSN and they want you to engage more?

It’s hard to know but if I find a pattern I’ll write about it on this site.


63. Search stores in different regions for better pricing

Use a browser to navigate to the different stores in your region. Example. If you’re UK based you can visit stores across the EU.

Theres a useful guide for this here – xbox-now.com/en/help

64. Search stores in other countries for better pricing

If you are looking to purchase beyond your own country then you would have to use a VPN. Take caution as you may be operating outside of your sanctioned ts and cs.

65. Use a no fee credit card when buying from digital stores abroad

Don’t go near credit cards unless you are responsible enough to own one – and over 18. The most popular seem to be Starling, Monzo and Revolut as these won’t charge you for spending abroad, and don’t mark up the exchange rate.

66. Gifting from cheaper regions/countries

A little tricky as this operates outside of your terms but many have found this advantageous. Visit this discord channel to see if this is still possible and as always, take caution;

67. Pricing errors on the Xbox store

This is kinda rare but the hawk-eyes on xbox-now will sometimes spot these and flag them up for the rest of us to scavenge.

68. Microsoft Rewards

Sign up with your rewards app on Xbox One or PC and start earning points by watching films and playing games, then spend the rewards on more games, subscription fee discounts, and sweepstakes entries. 

A no brainer as this isn’t taking anything from you, just giving.

69. Microsoft Summer Spotlight

This is a selection of cool games that get thrown into a collection and various rewards are offered on purchases. 

You can also get real money back on specific acquisitions.

Not sure if this happens every July? Maybe there is some movement in the dates but summer is the hot spot.

70. Xbox Game Pass double discounts

There are exclusive discounts (gold price) available when you’re a member of Game Pass allowing you to double up when things go on sale. 

These can be intermittent so keep watch.

71. Cheaper Game Pass with Spotify

This offers Spotify Premium with an Xbox Game Pass 6 Months Free Trial. 

If you already want to use both why not capitalize and get the free library of music for six months.

Check out the link below for details – 


72. Game Pass subscription discount

With instant downloadable access to over 200 games (and growing) This is currently a very strong deal. 

  • Xbox Game Pass $9.99/£7.99 (access to over 100 games)

73. Game Pass Ultimate subscription discount

Windows PC users can also get in on this deal. Take things up a notch and you get full use of the multiplayer suite and the option to bring the service to your PC.

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $14.99/£10.99 a month (includes Xbox Live Gold + Xbox Games Pass for PC + Project xCloud)


74. Apple arcade free trial

Apple Arcade launched on September 19th 2019 to much acclaim and celebrated fanfare. 

It launched with over 100 games, no ads and no dip in quality between devices. The pricing was right and the games were excellent. 

You can still get a month’s free trial and the ongoing cost of £4.99 is more than acceptable for this level of brilliance.

75. Google Stadia free trial offer

Stay away from this if your broadband speed is below 35mbps.

The free trial is a month-long and a necessary way to establish if you have the online capabilities to stream games with optimal settings and low latency. 

Mobile users maximise the potential of this as the games can move from your tv to your laptop device, your phone or anything you want.

Although it’s growing, there are only around 100 games so this is still on its way to maturing. Check back on this site for a follow-up analysis.

  • Stadia Pro Membership £8.99/$9.99 per month
  • Stadia Premiere Edition bundle £119/$129

76. Free games on Playtime Island App

Want free games for the kids? With all the parental security trimmings? This comes with no ads and no upselling. It’s clean, educational and requires no additional purchases. You can find this in App stores (Apple, Google play, etc)


77. Free flash games in PC browser

I’ve gone ahead and pulled out just a couple of the sites that hit you with the least spam, downloads, and sign up requests although you will always find ads here and there. Your browser could be your next main gaming platform.

  • addictinggames.com
  • coolmathgames.com
  • flashgames247.com


78. Use game price comparison sites (physical games)

Instead of going through every retail site looking for great deals it’s faster to find an aggregate site and let them do the work. The below sites offer deals on games from a selection of different retailers.

  • Frugalgaming.co.uk
  • Console-deals.com
  • dailygamedeals.com

79. Use retail discount codes

A lot of the coupon codes sites are typically garbage. A couple of the good ones I’ve used where the codes are more likely to be valid are;

  • moneysavingexpert.com/deals/discount-voucher-codes/
  • retailmenot.com
  • Vouchercodes.co.uk (UK)

80. Check price history

Going through the price history of a game can reveal its steepest dips. Check out camelcamelcamel for amazon products or pricespy (UK)

Retail video game prices zip up and down based on the season. Check if you are buying your game at the lowest price it has ever been or, even better, pin down the dates it always reaches its cheapest price with tools like;

  • Cheapshark.com (PC focused)
  • Camelcamelcamel.com (an Amazon price tracker)
  • SlickDeals (multiple online stores)

81. Browser add on – Honey

If you like to buy physical copies of games you should never accept the first price you see. Amazon has gotten us all into that habit but it’s far more healthy to assume there is probably a cheaper option. 

Honey is a browser add on or extension that hunts around and looks for a discounted price for the item you are thinking of buying. No downsides here really and it’s free.

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/honey/

82. Haggle on large console bundle purchases, even online

Embarrassing yes, but never assume the door is closed on this. It’s an art form that is disappearing but gamersavings is bringing it back – online and offline. 

Amazon will never get down and dirty so don’t bother trying but most that sell games and consoles and large bundles will always read your email.

Vendors only goal is to get their stock sold.

83. Hack Amazon Prime Day

This date can move around year on year but it’s usually in July-August. Stay tuned to gamersavings.com as we find massive cuts on many popular games.

The deals have a cut-throat time limit attached and they are typically only available to prime members. 

84. The Game Collection timed deals

These deals aren’t fantastic but sometimes you can snag a winner. Check the homepage now and then to see if they have something you want. The deals are timed and they sell out pretty quick.

  • thegamecollection.net

85. Use cashback sites for BIG purchases

Get a percentage of your money back on all online gaming purchases using cashback sites.

The return on small purchases only really works out as pennies here but large acquisitions can return a nice chunk of change. Cashback sites with good rates on gaming stores are below;

  • Topcashback.co.uk (UK)
  • Quidco.com (UK)
  • Shopathome (US)

86. Nectar points (UK)

Usual reward card stuff here – plug this in when you shop with eBay and other stores and you’ll get points back. This is a ‘set it up and forget’ affair, and after a while, you will accrue enough to pick up a game or accessory for free.

  • Nectar.com

87. GAME Reward card/app

This only becomes good for savers if you’re frequenting the store online or offline and making purchases regularly.

No cost to sign up here – get points whenever you buy or trade-in and you can track wallet amounts and points on the Rewards app.

The points value is 1 point for every £0.125 spent. And you need 400 points minimum to use it, 400 points converts to a whopping… £1 off.

This can vary and if you’re only buying for points then the house always wins. Better to think of this as a long term saving that might come in handy in future.

88. GAME Elite (UK only)

This is the next level up from GAME Rewards. From £3 a month you join a program that offers;

  • Elite points from purchases over the last 5 days when you join
  • Earn £5 bonus points on your birthday
  • Up to 10% points back when you buy or sell
  • Exclusive offers every month
  • Enter Elite level competitions

89. GAME / Gamestop trade-in rate?

Check out the trade in cash or credit rate for your stuff online before trading anything in. You want to be shocked about a ridiculous low price at home, not when your stuff is on the counter.

GAME: https://tradein.game.co.uk/?cm_sp=TradeInOnline-_-Portal-_-SellOnlineNow

90. Make use of alerts

Every website worth it’s salt will have either a newsletter they’d love you to subscribe to or a feed/notification system they want you to use.

Personalize and you can make sure you’re not missing out on that high demand pre-order or that new early access beta.

91. Gamestop PowerUp Rewards Pro Program (US only)

The price has gone up to $20 annual price so you’ll really have to crunch the numbers to see if this is still worth it for you. If you’re not in a GameStop at least once or twice a month forget it.

  • A $5 welcome gift 
  • A $5 monthly certificate every month for 12 months
  • The GameInformer magazine

92. Gamestop+ Loyalty programme (US only)

Many of the big players will have a scheme like this to encourage repeat purchasing.

The benefits will usually be trade-in bonus credit and extra game discounts. Only worth it if you have to have physical copies of games or your going for that big console purchase.

Take a look – https://www.gamestop.ie/Loyalty-Program

93. Check CEX trade-in rate? (UK only?)

Since dropping their DVD trade-in price to a penny, the one thing we know is the house always wins.

94. Only trade-in for wallet top ups

No matter what store you are in, if the items you want to buy are overpriced then your ‘awesome’ trade-in value is eliminated straight away. 

I always trade-in for wallet top-up cards, at least they can never charge more than the correct card value price.

95. Predict price drops

After a game release, you can typically tell if the price trajectory downwards is going to be fast or slow. Early signs of a price drop will often be;

  • No early reviews
  • Soft sales at launch
  • Major upcoming patch
  • Upcoming sequel announcement

These often precede a drop in price for a game so if you’re eyeballing something expensive you might benefit from waiting for one of them.


96. Digital grey marketplaces

As mentioned earlier with wallet top-ups, you have to navigate with caution here. Many people have reported problems. If you operate with diligence, you can save a lot on games.

CD Key sites like G2A and kinguin offer an eBay style marketplace for people to sell their unwanted digital codes/licences to each other, the premise of which sounds great.

kinguin has a better reputation than most. Scratch the surface of some places and it seems many customers in the grey market have been left with;

  • Inadvertent sign-ups to unwanted memberships (G2A)
  • Codes that don’t work
  • Intermittent retractions of game licencing
  • Fraudulent payments and PayPal issues

Never buy without money back protection, even if your code does work it still may not be safe, if it’s discovered the seller acquired the code fraudulently this code may still get disabled at a later date so you need some way to back up your purchase.

97. Expose the cheapest eBay prices

Suckers buy from the first search results that pop up in an eBay search, here’s the filters you want to fine tune;

Search for your games/bundles
Add the filter ‘buy it now’ 
Add the filter ‘lowest price + p&p’
Add the buying filter ‘accepts offers’

Now, one by one, offer whatever you want. Patience and prudence will be rewarded with an accepted offer pretty fast.

98. Is the game title hard to spell??

fatfingers.com or similar eBay tools can catch listings that have been spelled incorrectly and therefore not garnered any interest, allowing you to swoop in and make gains.

99. Garage / Car boot / Yard Sales

Classifieds are never short of these. Find your local community car boot or yard sale and haggle for whatever you want.

100. Take advantage of the major annual eBay discount codes

These pop up around twice a year – typically 10%-20% off everything. The rest of the time they are limited to select sellers. 

You can set your eBay preferences to be notified about them through My eBay or keep checking gamersavings.com and we’ll keep you updated.

101. Game flipping

Need to play that hot new game day 1? Pick it up at full price, blaze through it and then sell it on the used market of your choice. A somewhat controversial choice but a salient one. 

102. Facebook Marketplace

Far less consistent but always a tiny chance you’ll clean out the closet of a gamer who wants rid of his entire last generation in one sale.

Always haggle like hell to get the deal you want and take someone with you to collect your items.

103. Use lastminute-auction.com

Everyone knows how to put their used hard copy games on eBay, but do they do it correctly? 

2 mins to go on an £0.01 auction where a seller has unwittingly listed it to end at 4am? swoop in and take that action using the tool at lastminute-auction.com

104. Selling your used games – Retail vs eBay

GAME (UK) or Gamestop (US) will take in pretty much all your used games but I’m almost certain you will get a better rate on eBay if you have the fortitude to set up a listing, sell it on and take a trip to the post office.


105. Stream games and ask for access

If you’re a prominent channel and you play games there is no harm in asking for codes or access to the games you want to showcase.

I’m also under no illusions that the answer is likely to be no answer at all, but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

106. Request review copies

If you’re established and you have a platform or maybe you’re a content creator whose interests align with a certain game maker and your audience will have interest in their product then it can’t hurt to ask them for an early review code.

Go to the official website of the developer and search for the press/inquiry section.

107. Gain Beta / Alpha access

Proprietary platforms like your Ubisoft account can provide ways to register interest in gaining access to games that are still deep in development. 

I haven’t tried this in enough depth to say how many games are available or for how long but it is certainly something that many have used as this is becoming more prevalent now. 

Many developers will advertise this as a promotional incentive to gather feedback and promote a game. Once I find a way to make this more accessible I’ll update it here.

What next?

Subscribing to my youtube channel gets you more of my tips plus my favourite low cost games. 

Lots of my upcoming strategies can be used in all aspects of entertainment, your gaming TV, consoles or controllers, we’ll be covering everything.

Thank you so much!

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