Cheap Xbox games with high replay value

Downloadable content may be the natural next step when the credits roll on your current gaming adventure but have you tried to squeeze more value out of your Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and PC games without spending an extra nickel?

When video games were younger, replay value was a much more valuable asset. In the days of the Amiga or Atari, if you finished your game and you enjoyed it, you simply started again – and that’s without developer patches, cosmetic bonus items, or new game plus modes to bolster your second lap.

Games are cheaper now, relatively speaking and we have a lot more games to play. We have more platforms, more choice and more titles than ever before. So to have the credits roll on a game and then re-up, well that’s gonna take something special.

Awesome second playthroughs you may have missed
I’ve compiled a list of games that offer enough rewards to merit a second playthrough, enjoy. If you’d like to see these games running and hold us to account, check out the upcoming video round-up update in the future.

Dead Nation

This endlessly fun top-down shooter was built to be addictive. The structure of the difficulty is laid out so it would be tough to finish but easy to keep blasting through brains and keep fighting through the action.

Dead Nation will take about 6 hours to complete but double that to get all the achievements. For a title that is so easy to pick up and play, a second playthrough is just as alluring and fun as the first.

The Walking Dead (a telltale series)

If you’re familiar with the format then the replay value here speaks for itself. Your choices carry so much weight in the game that your only regret when playing through the story is wondering what might have been had you chosen a different path. 

Engaging characters and a unique playstyle keeps things spontaneous whilst also offering the player agency over what you do and what happens to the things that mean the most to you.


Looting in Diablo is how Scrooge McDuck must have felt diving into that gold stash. Besides breaking every bone in his body he still got his rewards and that’s all your looking for here. 

Built from the ground up to be played more than once the game treats your first playthrough not as an accomplishment, but as your first step on a much longer larger search for powerful assets.

Enter The Gungeon

I admit it, to keep me around sometimes it takes guns, lots of guns. This top-down dungeon crawler pits you against cool enemies, hilarious bosses, and perilous challenges. 

Since it’s procedurally generated you won’t see everything the first time around, ante up again for the full experience.

Rogue Legacy

Again – no two journeys here will be the same. In fact, every death will be documented and remembered in your legacy, and its this unique spin on things that will keep you coming back. 

New lives will garner new abilities with different strengths and weaknesses and your path to every boss will change. 2d side-scrolling has never felt so repeatably cool.

Hotline Miami

Cold blooded, ominous and untamed, this pchyco neo-noir top-down shooter may bring out the worst in you. Go for it. Beating it once just proves you had the stones to die a zillion times and keep going. Up the difficulty and you’ll be grinding through a game that most could not even handle, so shut up and be proud.

Shovel Knight

Kickstarted with a dollar and dream Shovel Knight launched to almost universal acclaim. Bursting with charm and a playful nostalgic temperament its draw for replayability is in its collectibles, be they weapons, armor, or upgrades. It’s on most platforms now too so there really is no excuse.

Don’t Stave

Permanent death is a horrible idea, but it works. If you don’t find a way to eat in this game you’re done for – and all your hard work and progress is gone as well. But taking what you have learned into the next game is a powerful incentive. 

The game looks like a Tim Burton movie and offers a similar level of fantasy and dark humor. The building and crafting mechanics run deep – you can find streamers online who ONLY play this game. Play. Die. Play again. 

Civilization VI

Currently running on everything except your watch this juggernaut brand has earned its stripes in the gaming world. A strategy game at the highest level, this has been honed, polished and fine-tuned to replay perfection. 

There are so many different considerations and tactics to put into play, different nations to triumph with. A replay isn’t an option here – it’s expected.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

As well as being fantastic value for money this game has a zillion reasons to playthrough more than once. Each character you select at the start has its own set of unique abilities, personality traits and unlockable upgrades so you don’t get to feel the rumble of every ultimate move in just one session. 

Trophies and achievements

If you enjoy the metagame of achievement hunting, the proprietary tasks laid out by developers are already a welcome drive to keep playing. 

Take it a step further and some games have special reward bonuses for completing all of the attached achievements. 

Your games double in value when there’s enough in there to compel you to play through it again. I can’t tell you how many times I finished my ninja turtles games on the NES, it must have claimed hundreds of hours from me. 

New game plus modes

Super slick – you finished that game in no time, but what about the new game plus mode? Yes the enemies will hit you harder and yes your health bar will now flick out like a light switch but most of the best unlocks and achievements all sit behind these modes. 

Sometimes these are added after release so you could have a fresh version of a game you already love sat waiting for you.

With this many gaming options available for every gamer, new genres, and new ways to play, there are fewer and fewer reasons to look backward but you could lose a day to a game if you find one that won’t let you leave.

I hope you have found tons of ideas to help get more value out of the same game. Of course there are plenty more out there so good luck in finding your own top-notch replayable treasures. Check out ways to buy cheaper games in our article to help with the search.


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